Alumni & Student Exhibition Guidelines

We’re excited to announce we will be hosting a virtual Alumni and Student Exhibition on our Kennedy Gallery website from April 1 through May 31.

Eligible participants include “all individuals who have graduated from NMHU, received credit for course work, are current students at NMHU, or rendered outstanding service”. Details on the exhibition, and instructions for participating, are below. Please read through all of them carefully before clicking on the link to the submission form at the bottom of this page.

The exhibition will open April 1 on the Kennedy Gallery website and run through May 31st.

Artwork Submission

Submit Images:
no later than February 26, 2021 (details below)

Our notification of acceptance to you:
no later than March 5, 2021

Your Digital Images

Since the exhibit will be virtual we ask that you submit high resolution images so that if people wish to zoom in on your artwork details are discernible. Here are some tips:

#1:       Tripods and good lighting help ensure focus and color balance.

#2:       Make sure to take your photo front on, not on an upward, sideways or downward angle. Glass frames will cause glare or reflections, so if possible remove the artwork first for photography.

#3        Start with the original, full-size digital files direct from the camera or phone. Many cell phones have excellent cameras on them these days and may be used to photograph your work. Use a digital image editing program to crop and straighten your images.

#4:       Change the camera-default file names to unique ID names, such as “Smith1.jpg”, “Smith2.jpg”, etc. This ensures each image will stay matched with information you submit.

#5:       Avoid sending files that have been downsized for web use, as these will not be high enough quality. Upsizing small files digitally does not yield better quality.

Submission of Images

Execute your submission-form, and image transfers, on this website:

Note: Please ensure there are no typos in your submission. The curators will select artwork, specify insurance, and generate gallery labeling directly from the unedited information you submit. Once the information has been submitted there will be no changes.


The exhibition is virtual only, but if you wish to sell your artwork you may list it for sale. In the event of the sale, delivery to the buyer will be coordinated through the gallery.

–Sale of Artwork: Artwork on exhibit can be for sale at your discretion. In the event of a sale, a commission of 25% will be taken by the NMHU Foundation as a tax-deductible donation.

Thank you for your consideration. With your support and participation, we look forward to an inspiring, inclusive exhibition reflecting the talent of our Alumni & Student artists. While we all look forward to hosting exhibitions at Kennedy Gallery in person, we are pleased to still hold a virtual form of this exhibition. Please contact me, Renée Buchanan, with any questions you may have at